Where Do I Report Workplace Discrimination In My State?

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Where Do I Report Workplace Discrimination In My State?

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If you are facing workplace discrimination, you need to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. You can file a complaint and report the discrimination, but which agency you report to can differ based on whether or not you are a state employee or you are working in the private sector. If you have questions about what constitutes discrimination or how to file a claim, an Atlanta employment discrimination attorney from our firm can help you.

What is Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination can take many different forms. It is not just a person making unwelcome comments at your expense. You can notice discrimination in a company’s:

  • Hiring and firing actions
  • Layoffs
  • Available training opportunities
  • Protocol for promoting workers and giving them a pay raise

Do you think that you are being passed over for promotions due to your race or not being given access to new opportunities because of your gender? That is workplace discrimination and needs to be reported. Our lawyers also have experience representing people who have been discriminated against based on their religion, age, disability, and other factors beyond their control.

Where Can I Report Workplace Discrimination?

If you are a state employee, you can file a complaint with the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity. Complaints under the Georgia Fair Employment Practices Act need to be filed in a timely manner, which means that only complaints that were filed within 180 days of the alleged discrimination can be investigated.

For anyone not employed by the state, there is no state entity to report to. Instead, you need to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency. The EEOC has multiple district offices in Georgia, including one in Atlanta. We also suggest filing a complaint within 180 days so that you do not risk the statute of limitations expiring,

There is also one more thing to remember. The EEOC only takes complaints if you are working at a company that employs 15 or more people.

What Happens Next?

An investigator will begin to evaluate your claim and look for evidence of workplace discrimination. They have 180 days to complete their investigation. Then you will be given two choices. You can:

  • Accept a decision from the EEOC
  • Request a hearing with an EEOC administrative judge

Whichever you choose, the EEOC will now take the final steps and make a decision.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

An attorney can help you at a hearing if you choose that route. They can also help you appeal the decision if the EEOC does not rule for you. There are also points at which you can decide to drop the complaint process and move forward with a lawsuit, and an attorney can obviously be of assistance there too.

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People who are discriminated against in the workplace deserve justice. If you have been targeted for your race, religion, or any other trait, contact Ben Barrett Law. We can help you file a complaint and fight back against an employer who has made your workplace a hostile environment.

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