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When an employee goes to work every day, they should not be worried that they will be the victim of harassment or an otherwise hostile environment. Not only is a hostile work environment detrimental to an employee’s mental health, but it can also ultimately result in a significant impact on his or her work performance. Workplace harassment is included as part of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, making it unlawful for this behavior to occur in a place of employment. If you are the victim of a hostile work environment, it is important that you consider your legal options and do not stand idly by. Attorney Ben Barrett of Ben Barrett Law has over 30 years of experience helping clients pursue justice when they become victims of a hostile work environment. For quality legal representation in your employment law matter, contact Ben Barrett Law today to schedule a consultation.

Will my employer be liable for harassment?

No employee wants to go to work and have to have any concern that they will be harassed. Many employees who are subject to a hostile work environment wonder what their legal options are and if it is possible to hold an employer responsible for the harassment they face. If you can show that your employer knew or should have reasonably known about harassment by employees that they do not supervise or customers, they can still be held liable for the harassment you faced.

What should I do if my workplace is hostile due to harassment?

If you are facing harassment in the workplace that results in a hostile work environment, it is important to consider your legal options and understand what the appropriate next steps are. First, you should determine whether the harassment you are facing is actually harassment or simple teasing. Harassment usually involves persistent or serious slurs, threats, or offensive jokes about a protected classification such as your race, religion, gender, age, disability, etc. Once you have concluded that the workplace is, in fact, hostile due to harassment, the next steps to take are as follows:

  • Start gathering solid evidence of harassment by keeping a written record, saving any communications that involve harassment (text, email, etc.), and trying to record the harassment if possible.
  • Report instances of harassment to the human resources department or a manager at your job. If the harassment is coming from your employer and you do not have an HR department, it is best to speak with an attorney.
  • If you have tried all methods to stop the harassment within the confines of the company, you should seek legal assistance from Attorney Ben Barrett.

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Do you believe that persistent harassment has lead to a hostile work environment at your place of employment? If so, Ben Barrett Law is here to help. Our firm understands the psychological toll that harassment of this nature can take and is ready to help you pursue the justice you are entitled to. To discuss your situation with an attorney you can trust, contact Ben Barrett Law today.

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