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Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreement Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Many businesses utilize Non-Disclosure Agreements in an effort to protect information and intellectual property about a company. At Ben Barrett Law, we understand how important it is for a company to protect confidential information on behalf of your customers, your employees, and more against your competitors. If you need an attorney you can count on to help you draft a secure non-disclosure agreement, you can count on Attorney Ben Barrett’s 30 years of experience to guide you forward. To schedule a consultation with an attorney you can trust, contact Ben Barrett Law today.

What is an NDA?

When a business wants a sure-fire way to protect sensitive information from entering public knowledge, they may consider drafting a non-disclosure agreement. These documents typically detail the sensitive information that is being protected, the time period for which the NDA lasts, and the requirements that all parties involved are required to meet. If an individual violates an NDA, they may face legal action for breach of agreement. Non-disclosure agreements can be used in a business setting to protect the following information:

  • Trade secrets
  • Sales or marketing plans
  • Client information
  • Information about new products or services

When are NDA’s used?

Non-disclosure agreements can be used in a wide range of business situations. A few examples of when a business might choose to draft a document of this nature include the following:

  • Upon sharing a trade secret
  • Starting a business relationship between an attorney and a client or a doctor and a patient
  • Business plans or plans for a new product
  • Upon providing information to a reporter who is writing about the business
  • Upon hiring a new employee that will have access to confidential information

Violating an NDA

If a non-disclosure agreement has been violated by one or more of the parties who agreed to it, the individual who breached this agreement can be held liable. Usually, upon drafting an NDA, the penalties of such a violation will be included. The theft of information or breach of confidentiality will need to be investigated to determine exactly what happened. You may be able to pursue damages for the breach of contract, patent or copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary, and more, with the help of an experienced legal team. Of course, you will be required to prove that the NDA was violated, which can be challenging.

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If you need assistance drafting a non-disclosure agreement or holding someone who violated such an agreement accountable for their actions, it is important to have strong legal representation on your side. Attorney Ben Barrett has over 30 years of experience representing clients across Atlanta, Georgia when they need assistance with an employment law matter. Contact Ben Barrett Law today to learn how we can assist you.

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