Ben Barrett, Esq.

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Ben Barrett, Esq

Atlanta, Georgia Employment Law Attorney

In more than 30 years practicing law, Ben Barrett has handled thousands of cases, including defense of personal injury cases, auto collisions, aviation crashes, premises liability, medical malpractice, and numerous employment law cases.

Originally from Ohio, Ben moved to Atlanta, GA, where he cofounded Barrett & Farahany, LLP, in January of 2001. Together with Amanda Farahany, he grew the firm from a two-attorney practice to a firm of twenty people – including ten attorneys. While Ben had always found fulfillment in helping clients in need, it was in these years that he found his true passion in the field of law: plaintiff employment law cases.

Representing clients in Georgia, an employment-at-will state, meant that most clients came to the firm with little to no hope for their cases. Ben founded, lead, and managed the firm’s Trial Practice Group, which litigated all of the firm’s cases that were not resolved pre-lawsuit by the firm’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Group. The firm was named as one of the “Top Five Litigation Departments” in Atlanta by the Fulton County Daily Report in October 2016, and it was identified by the Daily Report as the best employment litigation firm in Atlanta.

In April of 2015, having built the firm to one of Atlanta’s pre-eminent employment law firms, Ben retired from practicing law and focused on guiding the next generation of attorneys. As adjunct professor at Emory University Law School, he uses his extensive experience as a successful trial lawyer to help educate third-year law students on the subject of advanced trial advocacy in gender discrimination cases. He also devotes volunteer time to coaching high school mock trial teams, and many of his students have gone on to become successful attorneys.

Feeling the pull to fight for clients’ rights in employment cases again, Ben returned from retirement in 2019 and founded Ben Barrett Law. Today, he focuses solely on employment law cases, helping clients with a range of legal issues arising from their employment. In an employment-at-will state such as Georgia, these cases require special attention and a high level of expertise that other attorneys simply do not have. If you think you may have a case, contact Ben Barrett Law today.

Our Philosophy

Our firm hand-selects challenging, complex cases that other attorneys won’t touch so we can deliver the highly-personalized attention your case deserves. From consultation to trial, we advocate for employees’ rights, every step of the way.

Our Principle

We base our practice on the principles of service and care. We take the time to truly know each and every client, and we put all of our energy into obtaining the best outcome possible, time and time again.

Our Definition Of Success

We will prosecute your case to the fullest extent possible. If you’ve been wronged by an employer in Georgia, you can count on Ben Barrett Law to fight for you.

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