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National Origin Discrimination

National Origin Discrimination Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

When an employee goes to work or applies for a job, they should not be worried that they will face any type of discrimination. Unfortunately, current or prospective employees do sometimes face discrimination based on personal characteristics, such as race, color, national origin, and more. Employees are protected from discrimination regarding national origin under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. At Ben Barrett Law, we have proudly represented clients in Atlanta and across the state of Georgia for decades when they experience discrimination or harassment. Attorney Barrett is committed to assessing your case and helping you to find the justice you deserve after suffering such discrimination. To discuss your situation with an attorney you can trust, contact Ben Barrett Law today to schedule a consultation.

Understanding National Origin Discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines national origin discrimination as treating applicants or employees unfavorably because they meet any combination of the following criteria:

  • They are from a particular country or part of the world
  • Because of ethnicity or accent
  • Because they appear to be of a certain ethnic background, even if they are not
  • Because they are married to or associated with a person who is of a certain national origin

It is important to be aware that the EEOC also considers national origin discrimination between two people of the same national origin. Some of the unlawful practices that can be considered national origin discrimination include the following:

  • Discrimination in work situations, such as hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, layoffs, training, benefits, promotions, and other terms or conditions of employment.
  • Harassment, such as derogatory or otherwise offensive comments that are more serious or persistent than simple teasing
    Violations of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

Filing a Claim

If you believe that you have been the victim of national origin discrimination in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, do not hesitate to file your claim with the EEOC. You only have 180 days from the time of the incident to file a charge. Federal employees, however, are required to contact an Equal Employment Opportunity counselor within 45 days of the incident. Speak with an experienced employment law attorney to discuss whether you have a claim.

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With over 30 years of experience, Attorney Ben Barrett has proudly represented clients throughout Atlanta who have suffered workplace discrimination. If you aren’t sure whether your workplace discrimination case can result in a lawsuit, it is best to speak with an experienced attorney who can assess your situation and help you find the justice you are entitled to. For quality legal representation when it matters most, contact Ben Barrett Law today to schedule a consultation.

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