Can Employers Include Age Requirements In Job Postings?

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Can Employers Include Age Requirements In Job Postings?

Most job postings list off a variety of requirements for being considered for a position, but can the age of the applicant be one of their criteria? Age requirements seem like textbook discrimination since they could end up barring a perfectly qualified person from even getting their foot in the door. In reality, age requirements are not always considered to be discriminatory. An Atlanta age discrimination attorney can tell you whether or not an employer should be reported.

Are Age Requirements Always Age Discrimination?

In some cases, listing age requirements is actually a necessity for a job. If there are laws governing who can perform certain types of tasks or work certain kinds of jobs, then an employer can list an age requirement along with all of the other requirements of a job.

It is also important to remember that age discrimination laws are mostly in place to protect workers who have reached the age of 40 years old. So having a requirement that someone be 40 years old or older for a job would technically not be discriminatory against a protected group. Still, if you are unsure of anything you may want to consult an employment lawyer about how to move forward.

 What Are Some Examples of Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination does not just rear its head during the hiring process. You could also face discrimination in the workplace and when it’s time for raises or promotions. Common examples include:

  • Using an employee’s age as a reason to fire them
  • Younger workers are obviously treated better
  • Some older employees are subject to repeated harassment
  • An older employee is consistently passed over for any kind of promotion despite obvious qualifications

If you have noticed this kind of behavior and harassment, you need to report it and hold your employer accountable.

What Can I Do If I Experience Discrimination?

If you do experience age discrimination or any other kind of discrimination in the workplace, you can report it to the federal government. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, also known as the EEOC, is the entity that can take complaints about discrimination. Some states have their own similar organization to report to, but Georgia does not.

You have 180 days after an incident to report the issue, so acting quickly is a good idea. You want to make sure that this is done correctly the first time, so hiring a lawyer is advisable. We can help you file a report with the EEOC and make sure that your voice is heard.

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