Do Companies Have to Have an Employee Handbook?

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Do Companies Have to Have an Employee Handbook?

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When you are starting a new job, one of the most valuable resources can be a new employee handbook. These documents are often full of information that an employee can use, but it is actually not a requirement for companies to issue one in Georgia. If one does issue one, there are requirements that must be met. Meeting with an experienced Atlanta employment agreements attorney before you finish writing your company’s handbook is a good idea.

Does Georgia Require Employers to Make an Employee Handbook?

So a company is not required to make an employee handbook, but if they do they should include references to certain state and federal policy. It is important for you to let your employees know what kinds of protections they are entitled to. Your company has to be compliant with six state-level policies. These should all be included in your employee handbook:

  • Day of Rest law policy
  • Time for voting in elections
  • Jury duty leave
  • Immigration law compliance
  • Military service leave
  • Witness duty leave

Then there are some federal policies that also need to be included in your employee handbook. It is important to make note of:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act and Accommodations policy
  • Equal Employment and Anti-Discrimination policy
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policy
  • Religious accommodations policy

This can give your employees a complete look at their rights and what is expected of them at all times. It can also show an employee when there has been a violation of federal or state regulations and when an employer should be held responsible,

What Can Be Included in an Employee Handbook?

Your employee handbook should also contain relevant information about your business. Including information about the business and its history can make workers feel more connected to your overall goals. Make sure that you are clear on how many hours need to be worked and how that is tracked. You could also include info about:

  • Overtime policy
  • Benefits, like health insurance and 401k accounts
  • Paid time off policy

The more information you give employees, the less potential there can be for confusion and litigation.

Should I Contact an Employment Lawyer?

If you review your employee handbook and realize that your employer has not been acting in accordance with certain required policies, you may want to speak to an attorney. While American workers do not usually have a robust set of protections to rely on, there are policies in place that need to be adhered to. If an employer is trying to get around such policies, that needs to be addressed.

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