What should I know about non-disclosure agreements?

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What should I know about non-disclosure agreements?

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Many businesses in various industries may choose to utilize non-disclosure agreements to protect sensitive information within the company. If you need help drafting an NDA or filing a claim against someone who violated their agreement, our Atlanta Non-Disclosure Agreement Attorney is on your side.

What exactly are non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)?

Simply put, a non-disclosure agreement is an official legal document that prevents people from sharing confidential information with the general public. It’s a way to legally hold people accountable for spreading sensitive information about a company, a project, or even an individual person. NDAs can also be formed for privacy between an attorney and a client, or even between a patient and their doctor. The agreement usually details the information that needs to be protected, how long the contract lasts, and legal requirements for both parties.

What are common reasons for NDAs?

Companies may require their employees to sign non-disclosure agreements for a wide array of reasons. Possible information that you could be asked to withhold from the public may include:

  • Details about upcoming/unreleased products
  • Trade secrets
  • Information about clients
  • Sales tactics

Non-disclosure agreements prevent information from being leaked to both the public and to competitors. NDAs are also frequently used in the entertainment industry. For example, crew members on film sets are usually required to sign an NDA to prevent secret details of the film from being released before the film premieres.

What happens if I violate an NDA?

This entirely depends on the contents of the non-disclosure agreement. Most companies include the legal action they will take against you if you break any of the rules. Many times you’ll be required to pay damages for violating your contract. You can also be held liable for copyright infringement and more, depending on the case. In order for you to be found liable, the company must prove to the court that you in fact violated the non-disclosure agreement.

For more information, Ben Barrett Law is here to help with your NDA needs today. We’ve worked for countless clients just like you over the years, and we’re here to help you in any way we can. Contact us so we can get working on your case at once.

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