What Makes An Employment Contract Void?

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What Makes An Employment Contract Void?

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Employers in Georgia may require incoming or present employees to sign an employment agreement for various reasons. However, there are cases when these agreements are not legally enforceable or could become void after some time. Have you recently signed an employment contract that may be void? Our firm is here to help. To learn more, read this blog or reach out to an Atlanta Employment Agreements Attorney today!


Yes, there are a few circumstances where an employment contract could become void. It’s important to note there is a difference between a null and void contract and a voidable contract. An employment contract can be null and void if it is unenforceable from the very start for any number of reasons, such as if the contract doesn’t follow Georgia’s employment laws. Meanwhile, a contract is considered voidable if it becomes unenforceable later on, like if the employer breaks their side of the contract. An attorney can help you determine whether or not a contract is lawful.


There are various circumstances in which a contract can be considered either void or voidable. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Broad terms and conditions – Contracts must have detailed policies, or the terms can be misinterpreted and conflict with each other. Broad terms can lead to an employer claiming false promises in the future.
  • Inappropriate provisions – Some employers might try to include restricting terms and conditions to protect company information, but unjust restrictions may make it difficult for an employee to perform their work tasks successfully.
  • No consideration for the employee – Nobody wants to be taken advantage of by their employer. Contracts should indicate at least some benefits for the employee.
  • Illegal terms and conditions – A contract is immediately voided if it does not follow our state’s employment laws. Contact an attorney to find out more about the laws in Georgia.
  • Lack of severability clauses – A severability clause indicates that if some of the terms are voidable, the remainder should still be enforceable. Without one, the entire contract can be voided.

It’s extremely important to thoroughly review an employment contract before signing it. Both the employer and employees are responsible for ensuring that a contract is legal and just. Even if an employment contract is legal, it can become void if the employer breaks their end of the agreement. Contact an attorney if you think your employer may have taken illegal action against you.

If you believe your employment contract is invalid or unlawful, you should speak with a trusted employment law attorney who has your best interests in mind. Thankfully, Ben Barrett Law is here to fight for you! Contact our experienced team today for an initial consultation.

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