What Does Discrimination In The Hiring Process Look Like?

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What Does Discrimination In The Hiring Process Look Like?

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Although there are many laws protecting employees from workplace discrimination, unfortunately, instances of discrimination still occur to this day. If you’re a Georgian worker, you might wonder about what you can do if a company discriminates against you on the basis of your race, nationality, gender, orientation, or other protected identity. In some cases, you may be able to file a claim if you experience discrimination during the hiring process. Continue reading this blog to learn more about this topic. You may also reach out to an Atlanta Employment Discrimination Attorney for individualized legal counseling.


If you’re in the hiring process, then you could face discrimination if an employer asks you personal questions that are illegal under Georgia’s employment laws. For example, an employer can’t ask you about your race or other aspects of your identity during a job interview. Some jobs might have certain requirements that seem discriminatory. For example, a job could require its applicants to pass a physical test because the job is physically demanding. This could seem discriminatory towards older candidates who might not have the same physical abilities as some of the younger candidates. However, this is still legal under employment laws because in this case, physical skills are required to perform the job’s duties. Employers do need to provide reasonable accommodations if you have a disability that is protected under the ADA.


If an employer discriminates against you for any reason, you should immediately seek help from an employment lawyer. A dedicated attorney can help you to determine whether you can file a claim against the employer. However, you’ll need sufficient evidence to prove that the employer was discriminating against you on the basis of your race, gender, nationality, etc. If you do file a lawsuit, the employer could claim that they didn’t hire you for another reason, such as your skills or work experience. If an employer ever asks you a personal question during a job interview, remember that you have the right to keep your personal life to yourself to avoid discrimination. You might be able to report the employer for inappropriate behavior.

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