What Can I Do if I am Being Harassed in the Workplace?

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What Can I Do if I am Being Harassed in the Workplace?

Though we would like to believe that in 2021, we have reached a point where harassment in the workplace has come to an end, unfortunately, this is not yet the case. Still, thousands of Americans find themselves facing harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Our Georgia employee rights attorney’s job is to help all those who’ve been harassed in the workplace fight for the justice they deserve. Whether you’ve been harassed by a boss or repeatedly by a co-worker, there is a very good chance that you may have a valid claim against them. Please continue reading and speak with our firm today to learn more about workplace harassment and how we can assist you if you’ve been a victim of it. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What should I do if I am harassed in the workplace?

If you are harassed by a co-worker, you should first tell your co-worker to stop. If this does not work, you should speak with your employer as soon as you can and inform him or her of the behavior. If this still does not put an end to the behavior, or you are being harassed by your boss him or herself, then you should strongly consider speaking with our firm immediately.

How can your firm help if I am a victim of workplace harassment?

The first step of any claim against your employer is proving that the incident(s) truly qualify as harassment. For example, in many cases, a rude one-off comment may not qualify as harassment in the eyes of the law. To qualify for harassment, you will have to demonstrate that you are the victim of multiple derogatory comments regarding your race, age, religion, or other protected classifications. If your employer or co-worker is harassing you, you should begin documenting evidence of the behavior at once. This can include pictures, text messages, emails, videos, recorded phone calls, and more. You should also then speak with your HR department. If nothing is done about the harassment either on the part of your employer or HR, then you should contact our Georgia employee rights attorney today so we can begin building your case.


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