Should I Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in Georgia?

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Should I Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in Georgia?

When you start a new job, there are a number of important documents you may be asked to sign. This may include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). If you are asked to sign an NDA, you likely have a lot of questions. Read on to learn more about non-disclosure agreements in Georgia.

What is an NDA and When are They Used?

A non-disclosure agreement is a document designed to protect sensitive information pertaining to a company. As an employee, if you are going to be exposed to confidential information, oftentimes, your employer will ask you to sign such an agreement to protect certain things like:

  • Trade secrets
  • Sales or marketing plans
  • Client information
  • Information about new products or services

Generally, these agreements are used when:

  • Sharing a trade secret
  • Starting a business relationship between an attorney and a client or a doctor and a patient
  • Business plans or plans for a new product
  • Upon providing information to a reporter who is writing about the business
  • Upon hiring a new employee that will have access to confidential information

Can My Employer Legally Require me to Sign an NDA?

Generally, requiring employees to sign non-disclosure agreements is legal. If your employer will be sharing trade secrets with you, giving you access to private information (such as clients’ information or the company’s information), introducing plans for their business to you, and more, there is a very good chance that such an agreement is perfectly sound and even necessary when it comes to protecting the business.

What if I Violate a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

If you violate a non-disclosure agreement, you will very likely face serious legal penalties. To avoid this, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can help you fully understand the agreement you are signing and what it entails.

If you have any questions or concerns about signing an NDA, reach out to our firm to speak with an attorney.


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