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Everything You Need to Know About Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

There is nothing worse than feeling as though you are being treated differently, especially negatively, because of something you cannot control or were born into. Unfortunately, this is something that still occurs on a regular basis here in the United States, and oftentimes, it occurs in the workplace. If you…
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What Should I Do if I am a Victim of Racial Discrimination at My Job?

While we would like to think that something as ignorant and upsetting as racial discrimination in the workplace is no longer part of our culture here in America, this is simply not the case, and every day in Georgia and throughout the United States, workers are discriminated against solely because…
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What Can I Do if My Boss Violated My Rights in Georgia?

When someone is employed by a company, they are guaranteed certain rights as employees under federal law. While most employers respect and abide by these rights, this is not always the case. If you are someone who recently took action against your employer due to wrongdoing he or she committed…
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Here’s What Victims of Color Discrimination in the Workplace Should Know

Discrimination in the workplace is something that should have been eliminated a long, long time ago. Unfortunately, discrimination of all kinds, including color discrimination, is something that still occurs all over the country today. If you are someone who believes that you were a victim of color discrimination in the…
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Are You A Victim of National Origin Discrimination? We Are Here to Help.

National origin discrimination does not get as much attention as, say, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or gender, however, national origin discrimination is still a very real problem that plagues the workforce, even in today's day and age. If you are someone who believes that you were discriminated against due…
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Our firm hand-selects challenging, complex cases that other attorneys won’t touch so we can deliver the highly-personalized attention your case deserves. From consultation to trial, we advocate for employees’ rights, every step of the way.

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We base our practice on the principles of service and care. We take the time to truly know each and every client, and we put all of our energy into obtaining the best outcome possible, time and time again.

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We will prosecute your case to the fullest extent possible. If you’ve been wronged by an employer in Georgia, you can count on Ben Barrett Law to fight for you.

Why Did the FTC Ban Non-Competes?

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is a federal agency that prevents fraud and unfair business practices by enforcing consumer protection laws. Most recently, in April of 2024, the FTC voted to ban non-compete agreements. While some may criticize this law,...

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