Can Mediation Help in My Workplace Dispute?

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Can Mediation Help in My Workplace Dispute?

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Getting into an argument with an employer or coworker can be awkward and uncomfortable. It can make you dread going to work and cause you to hide out at your desk or take the stairs instead of the elevator in an attempt to avoid them. A lot of times situations like these get swept under the rug. However, if the issue is big enough you may need to find a way to seriously resolve it. Mediation is an increasingly popular way for people to settle a workplace dispute. It may suit your needs better than litigation. For more information on your options during a dispute with your employer, reach out to an Atlanta employment rights attorney.

What is Mediation and How Does it Work?

Mediation is a conflict resolution practice. Instead of retaining lawyers to defend you in court, you and the other party will hire a mediator to help you resolve your issues. They will be an impartial third party with no bias toward either side. Your mediator will also be equipped with communication skills and techniques to help you navigate difficult conversations. Each party will be heard and the mediation process will allow everyone to contribute to a solution. You will negotiate with each other, expressing what is most important to you, and the mediator will ensure that the conversation stays on track and civil. It has been proven to benefit many situations including workplace disputes.

What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

Mediation will not work for everyone or every situation. There are certain instances where litigation will be the only way to reach a resolution. However, mediation can be beneficial in a lot of situations. The advantages of mediation are as follows.

Mediation allows for open communication. During litigation, your lawyers will likely speak for you. It is more impersonal that way and you might not fully understand the other side. Mediation allows you to both say your piece and be fully heard.

It can help mend the relationship between the employee and employer. Along with being frustrating and enraging, being involved in a workplace dispute can be very uncomfortable and create an awkward situation for all parties involved. If you wish to continue working at your current job you will likely want to feel comfortable in the office or when you need to communicate with the other party. Mediation can lead to understanding and forgiveness.

It is more cost-efficient than litigation. Litigation can take a long time and there are many fees associated with it including hiring an attorney and paying court fees. With mediation, you can resolve the issue faster and with fewer costs.

It is more private. If you go to court a judge will make a ruling so they need to hear all relevant information about the situation. If there is private or sensitive information involved you may want to avoid it becoming public knowledge.

You can find a more flexible solution. Mediation offers the ability to creatively problem solve. The power of resolution is in your hands, not a court or judge. You may be able to find a solution that satisfies all parties that would not have been possible during litigation.

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