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Were You a Victim of Age Discrimination in the Workplace? Here is What You Should Know.

In recent times, age discrimination in the workplace has become more common than ever. Nobody should have to endure unfair treatment in the workplace because of their age, and if this has happened to you, there is a very good chance that you may have a valid claim against your…
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Here is What You Should Know About Employment Agreements in GA

When the time comes where an employer offers you a job, you are most likely very excited and eager to start. After all, you're turning a new page in life. However, in most cases, along with a job offer comes an employment agreement that you must sign to become an…
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What You Need to Know About Severance Agreements in Georgia

When someone is laid off, they are oftentimes offered a severance package. At its most basic, a severance package is simply an agreement that employees will sign that provides them with a final payment to provide them with a financial cushion while they look for their next job. While being…
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace | What You Need to Know

As you know, we live in a time where more and more allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace are coming to light. If you are someone who has been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, you must continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Georgia employee rights attorney…
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Religious Discrimination in the Workplace | What You Need to Know

While we'd all like to think that we live in a day and age where discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, and more is totally eradicated, the unfortunate reality is that this is simply untrue. In many cases, individuals in the workplace find themselves being discriminated against solely due to…
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Racial Discrimination in the Workplace | What You Need to Know

Fortunately, we live in a society that has largely progressed over time, and racial discrimination in the workplace is something most people no longer have to worry about. However, racism in the workplace, of course, still exists, and when someone is a victim of racial discrimination in the workplace, they…
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Should I Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

When a business hires a new employee, there is a very good chance that the employee will be asked to sign something referred to as a non-disclosure agreement. These agreements are generally relatively straightforward, and their primary function is to...

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